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November 25th, 2015
Final Cut : Soundtrack Home
TSL Products Brings New Levels of Ambisonic Control to Pro Sound Library
SoundField microphone helps capture NYC ambiences from all angles; SurroundZone2 software lets sound editors point to anywhere in the soundscape
Based in New York, Pro Sound Effects (PSE) has been developing sound libraries since 2004 and continuously strives to create the most useful and up-to-date libraries available. PSE sound effects are featured in blockbuster films and award-winning indie productions as well as TV shows, commercials, games and apps. PSE clients include the world’s largest media companies, independent sound designers, and sound professionals working in creative industries of all types.
published 1 week ago   read more
Legendary Horror Film Character "Jason Voorhees" Returns in "Friday The 13th: The Game"
For the first time in more than twenty-five years, Friday the 13th will return to the video game world. Gun Media and IllFonic, in partnership with Crystal Lake Entertainment, are proud to announce that Friday the 13th: The Game is set to launch during Fall, 2016.
published 4 weeks ago   read more
The Colonie Editor Brian Sepanik Cuts Short Film, ‘Happy Hour’
The Colonie teamed up with 71 Degrees North to provide editorial, finishing and design services for ‘Happy Hour,’ a short film written, directed and co-produced by Martin Rodahl. The film, which premiered at the Little Rock Film Festival, is the most recent of a diverse mix of commercials, documentaries and films that editor Brian Sepanik has collaborated on with Rodahl and his production company over the years.
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AJA Ki Pro Rack Helps Journalists Boogie w/ the Peanuts Gang On-Camera at TIFF
Entertainment journalists got a chance to boogie with the Peanuts gang this fall during Fox's press screening of "The Peanuts Movie" at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Los Angeles based visual effects company BlueScreen LLC, working with Junket Productions and Fox, oversaw the on-site shoot, which captured 60 journalists dancing on-camera to Meghan Trainor's new song from the movie's soundtrack "Feels Better When I'm Dancing." The footage was composited live with a CG scene featuring a Soul Train dance line style of Peanuts characters, played back via AJA Ki Pro Rack. Each take was then recorded to CF cards, which Fox sent to press ahead of the film's debut for use in on-air segments about the movie.
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Milan Expo 2015 says “Si” to AV Stumpfl
Multimedia and show control technology installed throughout
Over eighty solid-state FHD Media Players and 10 Wings Engine media servers were deployed in over seven Pavilions at Milan Expo 2015.
published 1 month ago   read more
Canon U.S.A. And Ron Howard Release Short Film, "The Rusted," Starring Josh Hutcherson And Jena Malone for Project Imagination: The Trailer
"THE RUSTED” is a Psychological Thriller Inspired by a College Student’s Trailer Submission for the Project Imagination Contest
Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, debuts a new Hollywood short film, “The Rusted,” as part of Canon’s Project Imagination: The Trailer, a consumer contest helmed by Ron Howard who has championed Canon’s Project Imagination creative experiment since 2011. Ron Howard and Josh Hutcherson (“The Hunger Games”) chose one winning trailer created by Mark Mukherjee, a college student in Florida, as the inspirational foundation for “The Rusted,” a psychological thriller written and directed by Kat Candler (“Hellion”) starring Josh Hutcherson and Jena Malone (“The Hunger Games”).
published 1 month ago   read more
STORY's Blair Hayes Brings Cinematic Storytelling to McDonald's Commercial
Being a good husband isn’t just about remembering to buy flowers on birthdays and anniversaries. It’s also about simple, everyday gestures, like getting out of bed early to bring breakfast for your hungry spouse.
published 1 month ago   read more
Composer John Williams To Receive 44th AFI Life Achievement Award
America’s Highest Honor for a Career in Film Goes to a Composer For the First Time in the History of the Award
Each year since 1973, the American Film Institute has toasted one of your favorite movie icons with the AFI Life Achievement Award. Directors from Clint Eastwood to Martin Scorsese to Orson Welles, and actors such as Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Taylor have all received the honor.
published 2 months ago   read more
iZotope Releases RX Post Production Suite and RX 5 Audio Editor
Comprehensive Post Production Suite plus new audio processing and repair features in RX drive the next evolution in audio editing, mixing, and delivery for audio post production.
iZotope, Inc., a leading audio technology company, today released its RX Post Production Suite. This comprehensive suite of tools is designed specifically to enable post production professionals to better edit, mix, and deliver their audio for film, broadcast, video, and new media. The flagship product in the suite is RX 5 Audio Editor, a significant new update to iZotope’s award-winning RX audio repair platform.
published 2 months ago   read more
Sony Pictures Post Production Services Delivers Monstrous Sound for “Hotel Transylvania 2”
Supervising Sound Editor Geoffrey G. Rubay reprises his role from the original animated feature.
Sony Pictures Animation’s monster hit Hotel Transylvania 2, currently topping charts and setting records at the worldwide box office, marks the return of the Drac Pack in an all-new comedy adventure. Like its hit 2012 predecessor, the new film is directed by Genndy Tartakovsky and features the voice talents of Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, and many others.
published 2 months ago   read more

Audio Professionals
The Trouble With Rain: Designing the Sounds of Noah
The Trouble With Rain: Designing the Sounds of NoahTo add new dimensions to the soundscapes of Darren Aronofsky's Noah, Supervising Sound Editor Craig Henighan took advantage of the new Dolby Atmos mixing stage at Deluxe New York to place movie audiences in the middle of the storm.
Editorial, Feature, People / Interview by Tim Wilson on 04/14/2014
Audio Professionals
Soundelux's Wilhoit Recreates Sonic World for End of Watch
Soundelux's Wilhoit Recreates Sonic World for End of WatchMichael D. Wilhoit, supervising sound editor at Soundelux, collaborated with director David Ayers on the sound track for End of Watch, a critically acclaimed police thriller that takes viewers into the lives of two policemen who become the targets of a dangerous Mexican drug cartel. The movie is stylistically "found footage," and Wilhoit's challenge was to create a soundtrack that matched the movie's gritty immediacy and realism.
Feature, People / Interview by Debra Kaufman on 10/12/2012
Audio Professionals
Drive garners Oscar Nom for Soundelux's Lon Bender and Victor Ennis Garner
Drive garners Oscar Nom for Soundelux's Lon Bender and Victor Ennis GarnerOscar nominated Soundelux Supervising Sound Editors Lon Bender and Victor Ray Ennis & team take the audience of "Drive" on an aural trip.
Feature, People / Interview by Debra Kaufman on 01/16/2012
Audio Professionals
A Look at Alan Parsons Art & Science of Sound Recording
A Look at Alan Parsons Art & Science of Sound RecordingIf you are one of the many people working in film and broadcast that has been wanting to sharpen your skills in audio production -- or just become more aware of its principles and dynamics -- Creative COW's Ronald Lindeboom points to a series that is near to guaranteed to expand your working knowledge of audio.
Review by Ronald Lindeboom on 12/30/2011
Audio Professionals
sE Electronics' USB2200a and Reflexion Filter
sE Electronics' USB2200a and Reflexion FilterSam McGuire demonstrates the quality and effectiveness of two sE Electronics' products. The USB2200a is a USB/XLR hybrid microphone which is extremely low noise (I didn't believe it until I heard it.) The "Reflexion Filter" is an acoustics baffle used to create a studio environment in any room. For a combined price of under $600 this is a relatively affordable, portable, and high quality solution for all of your VO needs.
Review, Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Sam McGuire on 11/08/2011
Audio Professionals
Sound Design for the Web
Sound Design for the WebThe creative minds behind the web's existential comedy series "Coma, Period." talk about their craft and the challenges of designing the sounds heard inside a character's subconscious.
Editorial, Feature, People / Interview by Rick Castaneda on 09/21/2010
Audio Professionals
The Journey To A Nepali Recording Studio
The Journey To A Nepali Recording StudioThere aren't many straight lines leading to Nepal, and not many once you arrive, either. Here is an inside look at the challenges and triumphs of running an A/V studio in the Himalayas.
Feature, People / Interview by Jiggy Gaton on 12/21/2009
Audio Professionals
ADR: Hollywood Dialogue Recording Secrets
ADR: Hollywood Dialogue Recording SecretsCorrecting dialogue is one of the most important parts of the old saying, fix it in post. They're part of a process called ADR -- Additional Dialogue Recording, or Automated Dialogue Replacement -- that has been going on since movies had audio, and is still being done today, from the smallest indie films to the biggest blockbusters. Here's an overview of the world of ADR, some of the Cows who are working in this field, and where to go when you are ready to ADR to your own productions.
Feature by Cowdog on 03/03/2009
Audio Professionals
Real-world Mixing with the PSC DV ProMix 6
Real-world Mixing with the PSC DV ProMix 6PSCs DV ProMix 6 has everything you need for multi-channel audio mixing, even on a DV-sized budget. Brandt Sleeper takes you through its ins and outs, and shows how it stands up to the rigors of real-world production.
Review by Brandt Sleeper on 01/19/2008
Audio Professionals
Recording Multi-cam Audio
Recording Multi-cam AudioEditing multi-cam audio is a hot NLE feature. Maybe youre ready to shoot the video -- but are you ready to capture multiple audio sources for your multi-cam shoot? Brandt Sleeper offers tips for multi-cam audio shoots, from ENG to the front row.
Tutorial by Brandt Sleeper on 12/27/2007



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