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Creative COW opened its doors on April 11, 2001 and it would prove an auspicious date as 411 was for many years the number you dialed for information. Creative COW has proven itself to be a fountain of information and technical support to those who work in digital media production, ever since.

Still, Creative COW's roots go back even further, all the way back to when the COW's founders began building their first site for media professionals in 1995. It would grow into the largest web community of its kind and would open a door that in 2001 became Creative COW and into which millions of people would pass. We were one of the very first social media channels and were serving social media a decade before it even had a name.

Today the COW site serves between 1.2 to 1.3 million unique visitors each and every month, which it has maintained for well over a decade now.

Long before the recent GDPR European law came into effect, we worked hard to guard our users' information, having hidden our users' email addresses since late 2002 and going so far as to convert email addresses into a graphic whenever one of our members elects to list themselves in our member Service Directory -- this, to help guard them from spam crawlers that search for email addresses.

We have never sold our member list and we have never had a "list manager" that you can contact to buy our list, which many other sites and publications have had over the years; some have them still, even to this very day. We like to say that you are NOT our product, we are not selling you or your information.

Unlike many social media channels, we are NOT compiling user data on you. We do not track actions and compile an individual master profile on you. The only tracking we do is done by Google Analytics to show us what articles or content is working, and what isn't. Even our advertising banners are merely tracking the number or impressions served, and the clicks and conversions -- but even then, it is not personally identifiable tracking of individuals.

We hope that you will find Creative COW useful and informative. It has been and continues to be an honor to serve such a remarkable community of creative people over the decades. It is our hope that you are comfortable here and that you will make it one of your online homes.

Thank you for visiting and for being a part of the Creative COW Story.

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