Combustion v2: The On-Line WebWarriors Guide

by Jack Pfeiffer.Combustion V2: The On-Line Web-Warriors Guide by Jack Pfeiffer

Combustion v2: The On-Line Web Warrior Guide
By Jack Pfeiffer, Published by MCI Videotronic
ISBN Number: 87-989284-0-6, 155 pages softback, in English.
Sales Price: Euro 40,00 plus taxes and freight. Published November 2002

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Overview of Combustion v2: The On-line WebWarriors Guide:
• Three custom-written tutorials, complete with source material.
• The Combustion Hardware Primer: How to build the best system.
• Summary and index of all available additional free tutorials
• Summary of most common FAQs, organized by type.
• Combustion by Function sections, with Special Tips and Tricks
• Special Information on 3ds max RLA/RPF file use with combustion
• Special Section on combustion/discreet edit integration
• 10 page Quick Start Guide for Discreet Cleaner users
• Includes demo plug-in software: Ultimatte, Re:Vision, Trapcode, EyeCandy, etc.
• Includes one year subscription of additional Updates and Tips.

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