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Ron LindeboomRon Lindeboom,
CEO, Creative COW LLC
Publisher, Creative COW Magazine

As publisher of Creative COW Magazine, as well as the CEO of Creative COW LLC and chief architect of the website, Mr. Lindeboom draws on his 30 year background in all facets of management, marketing and business development. Over the years, Lindeboom has worked with California banks like Mid-State Bank and Santa Lucia Bank, to reposition troubled businesses to protect the companies, as well as bank interests. He has taught business locally, and has served on business roundtables at California State Polytechnic University - San Luis Obispo. He has also created feasibility studies, in-depth competition analysis reports, as well as market reviews and forecasts for numerous investment groups. Lindeboom has a proven track record of acheiving strong results in repositioning and redefining previously unsuccessful companies. He served as general manager of a San Luis Obispo County daily newspaper, as well as the managing editor of Pacific Coast Business Magazine for over three years. He loves the challenges and accomplisments of business and believes that one of the greatest challenges facing businesses today is that of having to constantly redefine products and companies in these times of chaotic global shifts and disruptive technological innovations. "They say that if you are the number one company or product in your market, you better do everything that you can to kill your own product, before someone else does," says Lindeboom. "I believe that is great advice, and it is one of the reasons for our own success. We are constantly redefining ourselves and replacing what has already worked with the next level of innovation and refinement. We are never 'finished' with Creative COW. We change it constantly." Launchedin early 2001, just after the "Dot Com" bubble burst in 2000, Creative COW has shown incredible growth, doubling year after year for nearly a decade. Today, the company has reached a level that is well above two-million-unique-visitors-a-month, according to Google Analytics, with verifiable 3rd party public metricsproving the site to be larger than all of its trade journal publishing competitors combined. In 2010, Lindeboom is busy working with Abraham Chaffin, Creative COW Technical Director, to build what they refer to as "The Ultimate COW" -- well, at least until the next ultimate cow is built -- which will be made public in Q3 or early Q4 of 2010. "We are taking our time," says Lindeboom, "as we plan to change the rules regarding building community sites on the net. We have thrown out the rulebook and have been working from a clean slate, with no preconceptions whatsoever as to anything drawn from the past. Beta reports from our testers have been very favorable and we are excited about what lies ahead. 2010 should be our biggest year ever."

Kathlyn LindeboomKathlyn Lindeboom,
Director of Operations & Human Resources, Creative COW LLC
Publisher, Creative COW Magazine

Ms. Lindeboom is the founder of Creative COW and for the first two years of its existence, she served as the site's director and chief officer. Ms. Lindeboom says that she "tuned over the reins in late 2002 to Ron because he truly is visionary when it comes to business and is quite passionate about it. I love interacting with the people that make up the COW, while Ron enjoys building things and working with people." Today, with a BS degree from California State Polytechnic University - San Luis Obispo, Ms. Lindeboom concentrates on the responsibilities of maintaining the offices and records of Creative COW. She interacts with bookkeepers, accountants, lawyers, authors and writers, site leaders, and many others that make up the larger Creative COW organization. She has always had a very analytical mind and in the past has managed medical pathology laboratories in hospitals where she has served, such as in Soldotna, Alaska, where she lived for 10 years. "I loved living and working in Alaska," says Kathlyn, "but family has always been very important to me and most of my family lived in California. With the move came a change of careers, and now I can count Director of Creative COW as one of my career accomplishments. It has been an incredible experience, as the people that make up this community are quite inspiring. It is an honor to work with them and serve them." Longtime COW members count Kathlyn as the one they love to meet and greet at events wherein the Creative COW team is involved. If there is a reason that the spirit of Creative COW is so markedly different from the disruptive and argumentative forums that you find in many other forums-based communities, it is because of Kathlyn.

Tim WilsonTim Wilson,
Associate Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, Creative COW Magazine
Associate Director,

Mr. Wilson joined the Creative COW team in October of 2006, after working with Avid Technology for nearly four years as Senior Production Marketing Director. Having worked with Wilson years earlier, Ron Lindeboom notes that: "We knew what Tim wanted to do and what his own goals and capabilities were. Once we launched Creative COW Magazine and we knew that it would succeed, as we had been successful in getting major advertisers like Sony, Panasonic and others to take part from the very beginning, we knew we needed to bring in someone to make it their focus. That someone was Tim Wilson, who has been simply brilliant in the role." Mr. Wilson graduated from Baylor University, and later completed his studies at Harvard University, earning a doctorate from the prestigious institution. Wilson built a successful video production business in Isla Mirada, in the Florida Keys, where he worked with prominent broadcasters like PBS, National Geographic, and government entities such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Abraham ChaffinAbraham Chaffin,
Technical Director, webmaster

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