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Last Updated: Janurary 4, 2010

Our video contests are judged far differently than is customary among video contests held across the web...

To assure that our contests do not become the kind of contests that you see all over the web -- wherein people get their friends to raid a site or create a bunch of phony IDs to affect the voting and push their own video or their friend's to the top of the voting heap -- our contests only count the votes of ACTIVE members in the COW who have a prior posting history. In other words, only members of our community are counted.

Contest entrants cannot vote for themselves, and while it may look like "self-awarded votes" can be left with comments by the entrant and show up on their page, our mechanism does NOT count them in the tally. If you see votes on a page by that video's owner and it is the only vote showing, rest assured that what you are seeing is someone else who gave them a five but elected not to leave a comment. "Self-awarded votes" are ignored by our system.

We do not award our prizes to those who encourage their friends to storm our site and drive up their vote. In fact, if we see someone doing this, we will warn them and if it persists, we will disqualify them.

Unlike most sites which love to get a bunch of new people signing up because of the draw that contests have to attract new members, WE DO NOT WANT A BUNCH OF PEOPLE SIGNING UP JUST TO VOTE FOR YOUR VIDEO. Media professionals are our focus here, and we ask that you do NOT encourage your friends and family members to come here and vote for you. We do not want this, as they largely vote based on personalities -- voting you up, while voting competitors down in our rankings -- and that is not the way that we run our contests here at Creative COW.

We will also disqualify people who have entered a video and then push their competitors down in the ranks by voting against their competition. If competitors wish to give one of their competitors less than a 3 vote in the rankings, we ask that you refrain from voting. (We have had some competitors disqualified from our contests because they have given many competing videos a 1 or 2 ranking, and did so for two-thirds or more of the videos in our contests.)

In fact, our contests are NOT awarded based on popular vote alone. They are influenced by it, and the popular vote holds a lot of power in the contest -- but it is not the sole or deciding factor in the contests we hold. We have a body of working professionals -- who do not have entries in the current contest -- that advise our team on their opinion as an expert judge. We use a three-fold system when determining the winners: popular vote, the COW leadership team, and the advisory judges whose expertise is in the area of the contest being held. Together, these three factors work together to find our winners.

So, please keep these points in mind should you wish to participate in our contests. We do hold very strongly to our policies and we can and do cross-reference accounts, IP addresses, etc., to assure that our contests are fair and are not the typical internet contest that you find all over the web.

Thanks for listening,

Ron Lindeboom
CEO, Creative COW LLC




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