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April 20th, 2014
Final Cut : Soundtrack Home
TODD-SOUNDELUX Adds Multi-Talented Supervisors Joe Dzuban and Darren “Sunny” Warkentin to Creative Team
Post production sound company TODD-SOUNDELUX today announced that Supervising Sound Editor/Re-recording Mixer Joe Dzuban and Supervising Sound Editor/Designer Darren “Sunny“ Warkentin have joined the organization.
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Italian Micro Budget Film Using RED EPIC® Camera Technology & FCP X to Screen at NAB 2014 Today at 5PM
"LIGHT & SILVER : The Photographic Life of George Tatge" by Creative COW Contributing Editor David Battistella selected as part of the NAB Show StudioXperience!
Digital technology has opened up a multitude of new possibilities for cinema. Filmmaker David Battistella uses the same camera as many blockbuster Hollywood features have to capture an intimate personal portrait of an artist. George Tatge's photographic and artistic process has been elegantly and patiently captured on the most sophisticated digital camera in the world, the RED EPIC®. A true example of 4K independent production, Battistella relates in regard to the final quality of his work, "I am so happy the world is the way it is these days. I filmed, edited and created a [studio] quality release print, right from my desktop."
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Avid Previews Breakthrough Audio Innovations, Delivering on Avid Everywhere Vision
Company Shows How New Cloud Collaboration Workflows, Online Marketplace, and Open Metadata Schema for Pro Tools Software Will Make Avid Everywhere a Reality for Audio
NAB (Booth #SU902) -- Avid(R) (OTC:AVID) today previewed pro audio innovations supporting the Avid Everywhere(TM) strategic vision for the media and entertainment industry, that will help audio professionals connect, create, and collaborate in more powerful, efficient, and profitable ways. The company unveiled cloud collaboration workflows, an online marketplace, and an open metadata schema that empowers audio professionals to easily work together with remote contributors, manage projects and media, and find new outlets for content monetization.
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Prism Sound Shows New Audio Interfaces at NAB 2014
NAB 2014 Gives This Internationally Acclaimed Company an Opportunity to Showcase its Full Range of Recording and Broadcast Products.
After an exceptionally successful 12 month trading period, which culminated in a move to larger offices in the USA, internationally acclaimed manufacturer Prism Sound will be using the NAB 2014 platform to introduce post production and broadcaster engineers to its growing family of audio interfaces.
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Hummingbird Productions Produces Highly Moving Score Behind "Living Hope"
New Independent Documentary Film Profiling People Helping the Poor in South Africa
Hummingbird Productions, one of America’s leading producers of original music and sound design for the entertainment and advertising industries, has contributed the score behind the just released documentary film “Living Hope.” The new film depicts the stories of three extraordinary individuals who have devoted their lives to serving the poor in South Africa. The announcement was made today by Bob Farnsworth, CEO/Founder/Creative Director, Hummingbird Productions.
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SmartSound® Launches Soundtrack Creation Plug-in for Final Cut Pro X
The Only Music Software to Use Appleʼs Generator Function to Create Custom Music Soundtracks Inside Final Cut Pro X
SmartSound Software Inc., the leader in customizable royalty-free music and soundtrack creation technology, announced a new plug-in for Final Cut Pro X. This plug-in is designed to take advantage of Final Cut Pro X’s new Generator technology. The Generator technology, initially designed to create an efficient workflow for third party visual-effects products, gives SmartSound’s Sonicfire Pro direct access to the Final Cut timeline creating one of the most efficient music workflows in the video industry. SmartSound’s plug-in is the only music creation software plug-in to utilize the Generator technology.
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Avid Customers Triumph at the 50th Annual Cinema Audio Society Awards
Outstanding Achievements in Sound Mixing Accomplished With Avid's Proven and Trusted Audio Solutions
Avid® (OTC:AVID) today congratulated its customers on their numerous awards and nominations for outstanding achievements in sound mixing at the 50th Annual CAS Awards. Presented by the Cinema Audio Society on February 22 in Los Angeles, the awards recognized the accomplishments of many of the motion picture and television industries' most talented sound mixers who trust Avid audio solutions.
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Light Of Day Visualizes David Krakauer’s Multi-Media Production, ‘The Big Picture’
NY-based VFX and production shop Light of Day brings visual life to international concert artist David Krakauer’s multi-media production exploring the inseparable relationship between music and movies, THE BIG PICTURE. To enhance the newest and most adventurous project of Krakauer, Light of Day visualized the curated musical experience featuring uniquely jazz-ified tracks from twelve moviegoer favorites including "Sophie’s Choice," "The Pianist," and "Life is Beautiful," among others. Using the historically rich soundtrack assembled by Krakauer, Light of Day’s design team crafted graphics for the production to create a more visceral audience experience that would allow each individual to take a unique journey through their own feelings, memories and thoughts. Pulling from the themes inspired by film compositions chosen, the team helped to artfully illustrate a personal and cultural journey.
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"The Amazing Spider-Man 2™" Gets State-Of-The-Art Sound As Filmmakers Mix In Dolby Atmos And Auro 11.1 By Barco
Sony Pictures Entertainment announced today that it is teaming with both Dolby Laboratories, Inc. and Barco to mix "The Amazing Spider-Man 2™," the highly anticipated next chapter in the story of Peter Parker, in both the Auro 11.1 system and the Dolby® Atmos™ cinema sound system, to deliver a more natural and realistic soundtrack that moves sound around and above audiences. These innovative technologies open new possibilities to enhance storytelling through sound, giving the moviegoer a more immersive, exciting and compelling experience. The picture will be released in theaters internationally beginning April 16, 2014, and domestically on May 2, 2014.
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Master of the House
Located on the lot at Hollywood Center Studios, Lurssen Mastering has provided mastering services for scores of hit records and movie soundtracks.
It’s well known that Hollywood Center Studios has played host to innumerable film and television productions over the course of its long history. Few people, however, are aware that some of the most popular musical recordings of recent years—including work by such artists as Eric Clapton, T. Bone Burnett, Ben Harper, Bruno Mars, Diana Krall and Robert Plant—have also come to fruition on the lot.
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Audio Professionals
The Trouble With Rain: Designing the Sounds of Noah
The Trouble With Rain: Designing the Sounds of NoahTo add new dimensions to the soundscapes of Darren Aronofsky's Noah, Supervising Sound Editor Craig Henighan took advantage of the new Dolby Atmos mixing stage at Deluxe New York to place movie audiences in the middle of the storm.
Editorial, Feature, People / Interview by Tim Wilson on 04/14/2014
Audio Professionals
Soundelux's Wilhoit Recreates Sonic World for End of Watch
Soundelux's Wilhoit Recreates Sonic World for End of WatchMichael D. Wilhoit, supervising sound editor at Soundelux, collaborated with director David Ayers on the sound track for End of Watch, a critically acclaimed police thriller that takes viewers into the lives of two policemen who become the targets of a dangerous Mexican drug cartel. The movie is stylistically "found footage," and Wilhoit's challenge was to create a soundtrack that matched the movie's gritty immediacy and realism.
Feature, People / Interview by Debra Kaufman on 10/12/2012
Audio Professionals
Drive garners Oscar Nom for Soundelux's Lon Bender and Victor Ennis Garner
Drive garners Oscar Nom for Soundelux's Lon Bender and Victor Ennis GarnerOscar nominated Soundelux Supervising Sound Editors Lon Bender and Victor Ray Ennis & team take the audience of "Drive" on an aural trip.
Feature, People / Interview by Debra Kaufman on 01/16/2012
Audio Professionals
A Look at Alan Parsons Art & Science of Sound Recording
A Look at Alan Parsons Art & Science of Sound RecordingIf you are one of the many people working in film and broadcast that has been wanting to sharpen your skills in audio production -- or just become more aware of its principles and dynamics -- Creative COW's Ronald Lindeboom points to a series that is near to guaranteed to expand your working knowledge of audio.
Review by Ronald Lindeboom on 12/30/2011
Audio Professionals
sE Electronics' USB2200a and Reflexion Filter
sE Electronics' USB2200a and Reflexion FilterSam McGuire demonstrates the quality and effectiveness of two sE Electronics' products. The USB2200a is a USB/XLR hybrid microphone which is extremely low noise (I didn't believe it until I heard it.) The "Reflexion Filter" is an acoustics baffle used to create a studio environment in any room. For a combined price of under $600 this is a relatively affordable, portable, and high quality solution for all of your VO needs.
Review, Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Sam McGuire on 11/08/2011
Audio Professionals
Sound Design for the Web
Sound Design for the WebThe creative minds behind the web's existential comedy series "Coma, Period." talk about their craft and the challenges of designing the sounds heard inside a character's subconscious.
Editorial, Feature, People / Interview by Rick Castaneda on 09/21/2010
Audio Professionals
The Journey To A Nepali Recording Studio
The Journey To A Nepali Recording StudioThere aren't many straight lines leading to Nepal, and not many once you arrive, either. Here is an inside look at the challenges and triumphs of running an A/V studio in the Himalayas.
Feature, People / Interview by Jiggy Gaton on 12/21/2009
Audio Professionals
ADR: Hollywood Dialogue Recording Secrets
ADR: Hollywood Dialogue Recording SecretsCorrecting dialogue is one of the most important parts of the old saying, fix it in post. They're part of a process called ADR -- Additional Dialogue Recording, or Automated Dialogue Replacement -- that has been going on since movies had audio, and is still being done today, from the smallest indie films to the biggest blockbusters. Here's an overview of the world of ADR, some of the Cows who are working in this field, and where to go when you are ready to ADR to your own productions.
Feature by Cowdog on 03/03/2009
Audio Professionals
Real-world Mixing with the PSC DV ProMix 6
Real-world Mixing with the PSC DV ProMix 6PSCs DV ProMix 6 has everything you need for multi-channel audio mixing, even on a DV-sized budget. Brandt Sleeper takes you through its ins and outs, and shows how it stands up to the rigors of real-world production.
Review by Brandt Sleeper on 01/19/2008
Audio Professionals
Recording Multi-cam Audio
Recording Multi-cam AudioEditing multi-cam audio is a hot NLE feature. Maybe youre ready to shoot the video -- but are you ready to capture multiple audio sources for your multi-cam shoot? Brandt Sleeper offers tips for multi-cam audio shoots, from ENG to the front row.
Tutorial by Brandt Sleeper on 12/27/2007

Moving soundtrack file locations
by Stu Gilbert in the Apple Soundtrack Forum
Hey, I'm consolidating and cleaning up a couple of hard-drives and computers of mine.... and I'm finding that I'm unable to move the sountrack files to any other locations. If I do move them, they are obviously off line when opening the final cut project (FCP 6). However, unlike every...
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