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September 2nd, 2014
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Team Detroit Selects RingSide Creative, Flavor, Dictionary Films and Cutters to Showcase Ford 2015 Super Duty in Bold New Style
The end-to-end commercial design and production teams comprised of affiliated companies RingSide Creative and Cutters Studios divisions Flavor, Cutters and Dictionary Films are very proud to detail their contributions to a new national spot for Ford Motor Company from Team Detroit. Entitled "Front and Back," the :30 spot extends the long-running Ford Trucks "Rant" campaign with a bold, powerful homage to heroism and reliability, using a hybrid design and animation style and original live-action footage shot on-location in Los Angeles. The spot debuted nationally earlier this month and will continue to air in targeted placements online, during high-profile broadcasts and on cable.
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OTOY Expands OctaneRender™ Integration to NUKE, Houdini, MotionBuilder, Unreal Engine 4, and Digital Molecular Matter Engine
Cloud graphics company, OTOY Inc., today announced expanded support for its acclaimed OctaneRender™ software, giving artists and animators more choice in where and how they work and accelerating content creation by bringing lightning fast true-to-life rendering to four more popular 3D applications. Along with previously announced plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, OctaneRender™ plugins are also in development for The Foundry’s NUKE compositing software, Side Effects Software’s Houdini™ 3D animation software, Autodesk’s MotionBuilder® 3D character animation software, and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.
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Autodesk Maya 2015 Extension 1
The newest update for Autodesk Maya 2015 delivers powerful new production tools to help studios large and small build more efficient and productive pipelines. With a sophisticated new color management system that offers a color-safe workflow throughout the lighting, rendering and compositing process; new tools that help make it easier to share, transfer, and collaborate on data; and extended customization options for Viewport 2.0, Maya 2015 Extension 1 helps provide studios with new opportunities to create differentiated, future-proofed pipelines.
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Shotgun Launches iPhone Review App, Shotgun Desktop, and MARI Integration at SIGGRAPH 2014
New review and pipeline tools geared for artists and supervisors help creative companies work faster and more efficiently
Shotgun Software, developer of cloud-based production tracking, review & approval, and asset management tools for film, TV and games, delivered three major releases today to help creative companies streamline processes and go faster. The company launched a mobile app that brings the power of Shotgun Review to the iPhone; Shotgun Desktop, a native app shelf that gives artists fast access to productivity tools; and integration with The Foundry's MARI 3D paint software, which helps speed up the workflow for texture artists.
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Encore VFX Enhances Lavish Middle Eastern Locales for FX’s ‘Tyrant’
“Tyrant,” FX’s new drama produced by Fox 21, tells the story of an unassuming American family drawn into the inner workings of a turbulent Middle Eastern nation, a fictional country Encore VFX helped realize through exotic set extensions, extravagant CG palaces and city skylines, subtle environmental work and crowd duplication. On site in Morocco, where the pilot was shot last fall, Encore VFX Supervisor Doug Ludwig worked closely with the show’s production designer and art director to scout locations that conveyed the appropriate level of opulence, which were then further enhanced with VFX.
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Oishii Creative Reveals The New Face For E!’s Series Premiere Of “Botched”
Creative Agency Creates Show Open For Plastic Surgery Reality Show
E! continues to solidify its status as the leader in pop culture, raising the bar on each of its creative projects and programming. So for the launch of their latest series, “Botched,” they partnered with creative agency Oishii Creative to create a fresh, current and edgy show package that’s in line with the channel’s new look and attitude.
published 1 month ago   read more
Ataboy Delivers Haunting and Gritty Neo-noir Music Video for The Peach Kings’ “Mojo Thunder”
Design & Animation Studio Takes Style Cue From Neo-Noir Graphic Novels
When swamp rock blues duo The Peach Kings needed a video for the title track of their just-released EP “Mojo Thunder,” they found their match in New York-based design & animation studio Ataboy. The storytelling-driven animated video tells a hypnotic tale of vice and voodoo and explores how cycles of abuse and pain can trigger self-destructive behavior.
published 2 months ago   read more
Oishii Looks to #WTFuture With Dynamic Branding Package For PromaxBDA: The Conference 2014
Creative Agency Creates the Conference and Awards Show Opening Videos & Graphics
When PromaxBDA, the global member-based association for professionals working in media marketing, needed an agency to create the branding and video opens for this year's conference and awards show in New York, they turned to long-time members and creative agency Oishii Creative. Armed with the tagline #WTFuture, Oishii Creative set out to make a package that captured the energy and essence of an industry in constant change.
published 2 months ago   read more
NVIDIA Announces First Ever GPU Acceleration for Adobe Illustrator CC
New NVIDIA GPU-Powered Features Also Now Shipping In Adobe Creative Cloud Video and Imaging Applications
NVIDIA today announced the first GPU-acceleration of Adobe Illustrator CC -- enabling graphic artists to seamlessly interact with vector art at any resolution, and to smoothly pan and zoom significantly faster than previously possible. With this new feature powered by NVIDIA GPUs, Illustrator CC can now accelerate the entire canvas by up to 10-times faster(1) than previously possible on Windows 7 or 8-based systems with compatible GPUs.
published 2 months ago   read more
Adobe Releases New Creative Cloud Photography Plan for $9.99 Per Month
New Creative Cloud Technology Connects Latest Photography Tools; New Photoshop Mix Debuts for iPad
Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the availability of the new Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. Designed for anyone interested in photography, the new plan brings together -- for USD$9.99 per month -- Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5, two tools that have fundamentally impacted how photographs and imagery shape our visual culture, as well as Lightroom’s breakthrough mobile apps on iPad and now iPhone. Also introduced today is the all-new Photoshop Mix, a new iPad app that provides access to powerful Photoshop features normally confined to the desktop, enabling compositing and transformative edits while on the go. Built using the new Adobe Creative SDK, Photoshop Mix delivers new levels of Adobe imaging precision and magic to mobile users.
published 3 months ago   read more

Adobe Photoshop
Going from Aperture to Lightroom? Put it in the Cloud!
Going from Aperture to Lightroom? Put it in the Cloud!Why Wait for Apple Photos? Adventurer and editor Jigs Gaton takes us through some easy steps for migrating your photo library from Apple's Aperture and iPhoto into Adobe Lightroom.
Tutorial, Feature by Jiggy Gaton on 08/21/2014
Adobe Photoshop
THE BLUR LABAdobe Photoshop CS6 includes three new blurring filters. Rich Harrington will show you new ways to blur specific areas in a photo, as well as achieve tilt sheet and vignette effects.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Richard Harrington on 09/06/2012
Adobe Photoshop
THE ADAPTIVE WIDE ANGLE COMMANDAdobe Photoshop CS6 adds to an existing feature that you may not have even been using called Photomerge. Rich Harrington will show you the new Adaptive Wide Angle command to remove all of the lens and perspective distortion in merged photos. You will also learn how to use these exact techniques with video footage, too.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Richard Harrington on 09/06/2012
Adobe Photoshop
COACM: Plug In, Tune Out
COACM: Plug In, Tune OutAdobe created quite a stir when it recently announced a public beta for the next major update to Photoshop. Is this the result of some very smart marketing, or perhaps an act of desperation, due to the harsh economic realities facing most creatives these days? What is the future of this critical production tool?
Editorial by David Biedny on 04/03/2012
Adobe Photoshop
Lite Bite: 10 Years Younger Using Gaussian Blur and a Mask
Lite Bite: 10 Years Younger Using Gaussian Blur and a MaskIn this "Lite Bite" tutorial Martin Ainsworth quickly demonstrates to ability to give someone a slightly younger appearance using a Gaussian Blur and a Mask to get some very effective and quick results.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Martin Ainsworth on 03/14/2012
Adobe Photoshop
Lite Bite: Using the High Pass Filter to Sharpen Images
Lite Bite: Using the High Pass Filter to Sharpen ImagesIn this very quick "Lite Bite" tutorial Martin Ainsworth demonstrates the effectiveness of the High Pass Filter to sharpen images and it's a lot quicker and easier that you might expect.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Martin Ainsworth on 03/12/2012
Adobe Photoshop
Lite Bite for Photoshop: Content Aware Fill vs Patch Tool
Lite Bite for Photoshop: Content Aware Fill vs Patch ToolIn this "Lite Bite" tutorial Martin Ainsworth gives a quick overview of when and why to use the Patch & Content Aware tool to aid Photographic editing.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Martin Ainsworth on 03/07/2012
Adobe Photoshop
Lite Bite for Photoshop: Using Droplets in Adobe Photoshop
Lite Bite for Photoshop: Using Droplets in Adobe PhotoshopThis "Lite Bite Tutorial" will help you speed up and automate your work flow by using droplets created from actions in Photoshop. In a matter of minutes you will be up and running. The process is the same for both Mac & PC users.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Martin Ainsworth on 03/05/2012
Adobe Photoshop
Lite Bite for Photoshop: Using Masks on Groups
Lite Bite for Photoshop: Using Masks on GroupsUsing masks to speed up web design can help you show multiple graphic ideas with the least amount of effort for best effect. In this tutorial, Martin Ainsworth willl show you how to add a mask to a folder and add content to it.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Martin Ainsworth on 01/11/2012
Adobe Photoshop
Lite Bite for Photoshop: Creating Custom Actions
Lite Bite for Photoshop: Creating Custom ActionsIn this "Lite Bite" tutorial, quickly setup custom actions to speed up your photography workflow in Adobe Photoshop to rotate and add adjustment layers for 'Cross Processing' and 'Black & White.' This is a valuable time saving tutorial.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Martin Ainsworth on 01/04/2012



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