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April 17th, 2014
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Echostreams Partners with Mellanox and Enmotus Showcasing Tiered-Storage at National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show 2014 Booth# SL10810
Echostreams showcases FlacheSAN1 server at NAB 2014 Las Vegas with Mellanox and Enmotus tiered storage performing 3 sustainable 4K streams throughput in a short depth 1U server at just under 300W of power consumption.
(City of Industry, California--April 14, 2014) Echostreams Innovative Solutions, LLC. today announced the FlacheSAN1, tiered SSD and HDD storage array OEM platform with 20x hot-swappable 6Gbps SATA drives, has achieved a new performance height by having four Flash SSD and 16 hard drives transmitting concurrently three 4K video resolutions concurrently each over FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand or 40Gb/s Ethernet with RoCE links, out of a single 1U tiered storage server. For high throughput applications such as post production workflow, ingesting, editing, color grading, and media rendering this system can sustain three 4K streams concurrently and improves users’ productivity.
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Echostreams Teams Up with LSI and Microsoft to Demonstrate High-Availability Virtualized Shared Storage for Media Professionals at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas at LVCC Booth No.SL10810
Company showcases a complete family of Microsoft Server 2012 R2 certified cluster-in-a-box redundant platforms designed for OEMs, ranging from entry-level UP Intel E3 Haswell to top-of-the-line DP E5 Ivy Bridge, enhanced with LSI Syncro™® CS 9271-8i active/active redundant RAID adapters.
Echostreams Innovative Solutions, LLC. today announced the availability of an entire family of redundant server platforms, DuraStreams™, that are designed specifically for various Small-Medium-Business (SMB) verticals, with the support of the latest LSI Syncro® CS HA DAS technology. These platforms are certified under Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 for continuous availability, ideal for OEMs, System Integrators and Value-Added-Resellers building “Business in a Box” and “Branch in a Box” all-in-one Windows Server Hyper-V appliances. Knowing there are different needs coming from different SMB verticals that cannot be satisfied with “one-size-fits-all” approach, Echostreams has developed not one, but five different cluster-in-a-box redundant platforms supporting E3, E5-1400, E5-1600, and E5-2600 platforms. Environments suitable for these cluster-in-a-box redundant platforms include Retail, Medical/Dental Offices, Hotels & Restaurants, Education, Media & Broadcasting, and many others.
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World Premiere of "UFOTOG" to Headline Seattle Cinerama's Science Fiction Festival
Special effects legend Douglas Trumbull Presents Premiere of "UFOTOG" at Cinerama, Along With Dozens Of Science Fiction Classics And Attendance Of Celebrity Guests
Paul G. Allen's iconic Seattle Cinerama Theater announces its second annual Science Fiction Festival, running from May 1-12, with 12 days of special programming. The festival will be highlighted by the world premiere of Douglas Trumbull's short film, "UFOTOG," along with screening of over three dozen of the genre's most beloved movies and celebrity appearances by Jonathan Frakes, Tom Skerritt, and Sam J. Jones.
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FXHOME Announces HitFilm Plugins for After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, Vegas and Motion
More than 130 VFX, Compositing, Motion Graphics and Grading Plugins Now Available for the First Time
FXHOME has today announced that many of its VFX, compositing, motion graphics and grading effects will soon be available for the first time for After Effects, Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro and Motion. The versatile plugins collection from the software developer’s popular HitFilm video editing programme will be launched at the 2014 NAB Show on 7-10 April in Las Vegas.
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Atomos Launch Ninja Star
Atomos Launch Pocket Sized ProRes Recorder at NAB 2014
Atomos, the creator of the award-winning Ninja and Samurai camera-mounted recorders, and the Connect converters, will launch the Ninja Star at NAB 2014, (7-10 April, Las Vegas Convention Center, booth number C9532). The Ninja Star is a must have for people who need to "Record Apple ProRes on Board" camera rigs, such as Drones, RC Helicopters, extreme sports and Reality TV.
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Tekserve Makes Shared 4K Broadcast Production a Reality at NAB 2014
Tekserve to Demonstrate Complete Video Workflows Leveraging the Extreme Bandwidth of the NetApp E-Series and EF550 Storage Arrays
Tekserve, a leading provider of technology solutions for creative professionals in a variety of markets, will demonstrate a complete video workflow solution at NetApp’s NAB booth (SL9510), featuring the new NetApp E-5500 series and EF550 all-flash array.
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Panasonic Announces ProRes Codec Support For VariCam 35 4K And VariCam HS Cameras/Recorders
Strategic Alliance with Codex Digital to Develop High-Speed Uncompressed V-RAW Recorder for VariCam 35 Also Disclosed
Panasonic today announced updates to its new VariCam 35 4K and VariCam HS camera/recorders, including Apple ProRes 4444 and ProRes 422 HQ* support for HD recording, as well as a strategic product development alliance with Codex Digital to deliver a high-speed 4K uncompressed RAW recorder for the VariCam 35 camera.
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AMD, Blackmagic Design, Fusion-io, and LumaForge to Demonstrate World’s Fastest 4K Video Workstation at NAB 2014.
Combining the Blistering Performance of the New AMD FirePro™ W9100 Professional Graphics with the High-End Functionality of Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve™ Color Grading Software and the Lightning Speed of the Fusion ioFX Memory Tier, LumaForge will demonstrate the World’s Fastest Real-Time 4K Video Processing Workstation at the 2014 NAB Expo.
As announced on Wednesday March 26, 2014, AMD will be releasing a new version of their flagship professional FirePro graphic card. The FirePro W9100 graphics represents the latest innovation in multi-core, high throughput OpenCL graphics processing. AMD and its solution partners are pleased to be demonstrating the new professional graphics in action at this coming NAB Expo to be held in Las Vegas from April 7 -10. Visit the AMD booth at #SL10405 to see the demonstration.
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Cleanly Switch and Mix HDCP Content with New Router from Ensemble Designs
Ensemble Designs is introducing a new addition to the BrightEye compact router family for use with HDCP encrypted HDMI content. The new BrightEye NXT 410-H Clean HDMI + HDCP Router supports clean and quiet switching of HDCP encrypted content to the HDMI output along side SDI and non-encrypted HDMI sources. The new HDMI + HDCP video routing switcher will be introduced at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, April 7 to April 10, 2014 at Ensemble Designs booth N2524.
published 2 weeks ago   read more
PNY Uses NVIDIA Quadro Graphics to Fuel AccuWeather’s Storyteller to Deliver Lightning-Fast Graphics and Live Video to Top Broadcast Stations
AccuWeather’s StoryTeller Interactive Touchscreen system, powered by NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards, lets broadcast stations of any size deliver compelling multimedia stories
With AccuWeather’s StoryTeller® Interactive Touchscreen system, television news stations of any size can deliver to their viewers compelling, real-time, multimedia interactive stories: whether it’s the latest radar images of an impending hurricane, live traffic reports or social media interactions with on-air talent. Relying on PNY to provide pre- and post-sales assistance allowed AccuWeather to select, source, and integrate the right components to build the StoryTeller system, which includes an NVIDIA® Quadro® K4000 graphics card and 4-input SDI Capture card.
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Adobe Flash
Adobe Edge Animate/The Missing Manual Software/Book Review
Adobe Edge Animate/The Missing Manual Software/Book ReviewIncreasingly, web developers are being asked to create sites that are viewable on tablets and mobile devices, as well as desktops and laptops running Windows, OS X or Linux. One of the challenges in creating a site like that is animation. Flash, for many years the preferred cross-platform animation solution, is no longer supported on many tablets and mobile devices. Michael looks for - and finds - answers within Adobe's Edge Animate.
Review, Editorial by Michael Hurwicz on 01/16/2013
Adobe Flash
HTML5 (CreateJS): Interactivity and Debugging
HTML5 (CreateJS): Interactivity and DebuggingBuilding on two previous tutorials on CreateJS for Flash Pro CS6, Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz introduces interactivity (specifically, responding to a mouse click), debugging using the JavaScript "alert" statement, and assigning names to objects exported from Flash. Project files included.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Michael Hurwicz on 05/29/2012
Adobe Flash
HTML5 (CreateJS): Animate with JavaScript
HTML5 (CreateJS): Animate with JavaScriptBuilding on a previous introductory tutorial on CreateJS for Flash Pro CS6, Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz shows how to modify the JavaScript exported from Flash, to change attributes such as position, speed, wait time, and color. Project files are included.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Michael Hurwicz on 05/25/2012
Adobe Flash
HTML5 (CreateJS) for Adobe Flash Professional CS6
HTML5 (CreateJS) for Adobe Flash Professional CS6Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz provides a brief introduction to CreateJS, an extension for Adobe Flash Professional CS6 that allows you to export Flash projects as HTML and JavaScript, even on platforms that do not support the Flash Player.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Michael Hurwicz on 05/17/2012
Adobe Flash
Building an Interactive Whiteboard in Flash: Part Two
Building an Interactive Whiteboard in Flash: Part TwoIn part two of this series, Justin Junda walks you through the necessary steps to connect the graphical elements from part one, with Actionscript 3.0 using the Flash drawing API in order to bring this whiteboard to life.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Justin Junda on 04/27/2011
Adobe Flash
Building an Interactive Whiteboard in Flash: Part One
Building an Interactive Whiteboard in Flash: Part OneIn this tutorial, Justin Junda takes you through the step by step process on how to build and interactive whiteboard. These whiteboard are often seen in drawing applications, scratch pads, and educational sites. This is part one of a two part series. Part one takes you through setting up all the graphical elements within the stage. Then part two shows a user how to connect the graphics to Actionscript using flashes drawing API to make this whiteboard truly interactive.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Justin Junda on 04/25/2011
Adobe Flash
Embedding a Speech Transcript in a Flash Video with Adobe CS5
Embedding a Speech Transcript in a Flash Video with Adobe CS5In this tutorial, Creative COW Leader Michael Hurwicz shows you how to create a scrolling transcript synced with a Flash video, using Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Story, OnLocation, Premiere Pro, Soundbooth and Flash Professional).
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Michael Hurwicz on 03/18/2011
Adobe Flash
Inverse Kinematics - Springs
Inverse Kinematics - SpringsSprings are a new feature for Inverse Kinematics in Flash CS5. In this video tutorial, Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz shows you a simple technique for implementing springs, as well as several other "tricks and traps" to make your work with Inverse Kinematics in Flash easier, more flexible and more powerful.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Michael Hurwicz on 10/28/2010
Adobe Flash
Inverse Kinematics - Control Points
Inverse Kinematics - Control PointsFine-tune your Inverse Kinematics animations in Flash CS5 by working with control points. In this Adobe Flash video tutorial, Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz shows you how to associate bones with control points, how to move, add and delete control points, and how to adjust control point handles.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Michael Hurwicz on 10/25/2010
Adobe Flash
Inverse Kinematics
Inverse KinematicsInverse Kinematics allows you to create structures of bones and joints and use them to animate characters in Flash. Fun and easy! Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz shows you how in this video tutorial, step by step. Learn some basic ActionScript, too!
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Michael Hurwicz on 10/19/2010

Re: More Professional Alternative to Vimeo
by Ron Hershey in the Web Streaming - Audio|Video Forum
Depending on other requirements you may have, we might have a solution that would work for you. Basic level is free setup, payment is per use/download, so the charges only trigger as you use it. You can learn more here: Or contact me to discuss in more detail. Ron...
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