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August 28th, 2014
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Talamas Boston Announces The Addition of the ARRI Amira To Their Rental Inventory
Given the high demand for the ARRI Amira camera, Talamas obtained the Amira in mid-August 2014 in order to add ARRI’s latest class-leading product to their extensive stock of digital cinematography equipment.
published 23 hours ago   read more
A Wonderful World of Color
Technicolor-PostWorks’ The Room Posts “The Giver”
The Room, the boutique finishing facility located within Technicolor-PostWorks, New York, recently completed two months of post-production finishing on "The Giver," the new film from director Phillip Noyce and The Weinstein Company. In a project involving numerous creative and technical challenges, the facility handled editorial conforming and color grading. The latter included applying the finishing touch to an onscreen world that undergoes a gradual transition from black & white to color.
published 2 weeks ago   read more
Maxell Professional Adds Camera Accessories to Product Portfolio
− Specialized Connectors and Power Solutions Meet the Needs of Broadcast and Video Professionals −
Recognized as a storage and backup media technology leader, Maxell Professional Media is excited to announce the addition of new professional camera accessories to its current product portfolio. Built with the commitment to high quality and durability, the products mark Maxell's entry into the professional camera accessories market.
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PNY and Red Barn Support Innovative Program for At-Risk Youth
PNY Donates Workstation-Class NVIDIA® Quadro® Graphics Cards For New Digital Art Technology Classroom for The Animation Project
The Animation Project (TAP) in New York has pioneered a novel and effective method for helping at-risk youth: Use digital art technology as a therapeutic medium and workforce development tool. To support this effort, PNY, Intel and Red Barn Technology Group contributed to the creation of a new classroom of graphics workstations to assist TAP in its endeavors.
published 3 weeks ago   read more
ATG Danmon Completes Major Systems Upgrades for Ericsson
ATG Danmon has completed a series of system expansion projects at the Stockholm headquarters of Ericsson Broadcast Services.
published 3 weeks ago   read more
Drobo Redefines Storage for Creative Professionals with First Ruggedized and Portable all Flash Array
Drobo Mini with SSDs Delivers Maximum Speed and Data Protection
Connected Data, the creator of the award-winning Drobo line of smart storage solutions, today announces the launch of its Drobo Mini with Solid State Disk (SSD) drives delivering as much as 80% more performance compared to a Mini configured with traditional spinning hard drives. The Drobo Mini is the first portable, rugged and expandable SSD solution ideal for filmmakers, photographers and creative professionals who need to capture and protect data while on location, and safely transport footage and photos back to the studio for post-production.
published 4 weeks ago   read more
Flashpoint’s LED Lights Are the Newest Lighting Collection for Photo and Video Available Exclusively at Adorama
The SpeedLight Partner, the VariAngle and other LED Lighting Solutions Available in Standard and Bi-Color Options Make Up This Energy-Efficient Lighting Collection for DSLR and Video Camera Imaging
Adorama, one of the world’s largest photography, video, imaging and electronics retailers, is now selling a brand new line of Flashpoint LED lights designed for both camera and stand-mounted use. New photography and videography lights from Flashpoint include the SpeedLight Partner and the VariAngle light, as well as a collection of LED lights in both standard and bi-color options. New stand-mounted lights include various models of circular and panel lights. These Flashpoint LED lights are available exclusively in store at Adorama and online.
published 1 month ago   read more
AJA Ki Pro Rack Delivers Spot-On Recording for BlueScreen Every Time
Launching a successful business out of a natural talent for compositing, Bob Kertesz founded BlueScreen LLC three decades ago. The company specializes in live, on-set blue/green screen compositing and multi-cam productions for high profile gaming companies and studios such as EA, Disney, Warner Brothers and Viacom. A core component of BlueScreen’s business involves live blue/green screen compositing for press events prior to the launch of major films, and for this niche market, Kertesz has established a specialized setup comprising high-end cameras and Ultimatte® hardware, with AJA’s Ki Pro Rack at the center of the workflow for reliable recording and playback.
published 1 month ago   read more
Oishii Creative Reveals The New Face For E!’s Series Premiere Of “Botched”
Creative Agency Creates Show Open For Plastic Surgery Reality Show
E! continues to solidify its status as the leader in pop culture, raising the bar on each of its creative projects and programming. So for the launch of their latest series, “Botched,” they partnered with creative agency Oishii Creative to create a fresh, current and edgy show package that’s in line with the channel’s new look and attitude.
published 1 month ago   read more
Object Matrix Produces Comprehensive Integration Between MatrixStore and SGL
Object Matrix, provider of intelligent nearline storage platforms for tapeless video workflows, today announces it has produced a comprehensive integration between MatrixStore and SGL.
published 1 month ago   read more

Adobe Flash
Adobe Edge Animate/The Missing Manual Software/Book Review
Adobe Edge Animate/The Missing Manual Software/Book ReviewIncreasingly, web developers are being asked to create sites that are viewable on tablets and mobile devices, as well as desktops and laptops running Windows, OS X or Linux. One of the challenges in creating a site like that is animation. Flash, for many years the preferred cross-platform animation solution, is no longer supported on many tablets and mobile devices. Michael looks for - and finds - answers within Adobe's Edge Animate.
Review, Editorial by Michael Hurwicz on 01/16/2013
Adobe Flash
HTML5 (CreateJS): Interactivity and Debugging
HTML5 (CreateJS): Interactivity and DebuggingBuilding on two previous tutorials on CreateJS for Flash Pro CS6, Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz introduces interactivity (specifically, responding to a mouse click), debugging using the JavaScript "alert" statement, and assigning names to objects exported from Flash. Project files included.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Michael Hurwicz on 05/29/2012
Adobe Flash
HTML5 (CreateJS): Animate with JavaScript
HTML5 (CreateJS): Animate with JavaScriptBuilding on a previous introductory tutorial on CreateJS for Flash Pro CS6, Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz shows how to modify the JavaScript exported from Flash, to change attributes such as position, speed, wait time, and color. Project files are included.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Michael Hurwicz on 05/25/2012
Adobe Flash
HTML5 (CreateJS) for Adobe Flash Professional CS6
HTML5 (CreateJS) for Adobe Flash Professional CS6Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz provides a brief introduction to CreateJS, an extension for Adobe Flash Professional CS6 that allows you to export Flash projects as HTML and JavaScript, even on platforms that do not support the Flash Player.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Michael Hurwicz on 05/17/2012
Adobe Flash
Building an Interactive Whiteboard in Flash: Part Two
Building an Interactive Whiteboard in Flash: Part TwoIn part two of this series, Justin Junda walks you through the necessary steps to connect the graphical elements from part one, with Actionscript 3.0 using the Flash drawing API in order to bring this whiteboard to life.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Justin Junda on 04/27/2011
Adobe Flash
Building an Interactive Whiteboard in Flash: Part One
Building an Interactive Whiteboard in Flash: Part OneIn this tutorial, Justin Junda takes you through the step by step process on how to build and interactive whiteboard. These whiteboard are often seen in drawing applications, scratch pads, and educational sites. This is part one of a two part series. Part one takes you through setting up all the graphical elements within the stage. Then part two shows a user how to connect the graphics to Actionscript using flashes drawing API to make this whiteboard truly interactive.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Justin Junda on 04/25/2011
Adobe Flash
Embedding a Speech Transcript in a Flash Video with Adobe CS5
Embedding a Speech Transcript in a Flash Video with Adobe CS5In this tutorial, Creative COW Leader Michael Hurwicz shows you how to create a scrolling transcript synced with a Flash video, using Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Story, OnLocation, Premiere Pro, Soundbooth and Flash Professional).
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Michael Hurwicz on 03/18/2011
Adobe Flash
Inverse Kinematics - Springs
Inverse Kinematics - SpringsSprings are a new feature for Inverse Kinematics in Flash CS5. In this video tutorial, Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz shows you a simple technique for implementing springs, as well as several other "tricks and traps" to make your work with Inverse Kinematics in Flash easier, more flexible and more powerful.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Michael Hurwicz on 10/28/2010
Adobe Flash
Inverse Kinematics - Control Points
Inverse Kinematics - Control PointsFine-tune your Inverse Kinematics animations in Flash CS5 by working with control points. In this Adobe Flash video tutorial, Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz shows you how to associate bones with control points, how to move, add and delete control points, and how to adjust control point handles.
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Michael Hurwicz on 10/25/2010
Adobe Flash
Inverse Kinematics
Inverse KinematicsInverse Kinematics allows you to create structures of bones and joints and use them to animate characters in Flash. Fun and easy! Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz shows you how in this video tutorial, step by step. Learn some basic ActionScript, too!
Tutorial, Video Tutorial by Michael Hurwicz on 10/19/2010



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